5 Good Reasons For An Engagement Shoot

(A.K.A How not to look like a rabbit in the headlights on your wedding day!).

Why should you have an engagement (or pre-wedding) shoot? Well, here are 5 good reasons;

1: Get to know your Photographer

– You spend a lot of time and effort planning and organising your wedding to ensure every detail is how you dreamed it would be and it would be awful finding out on the day that your chosen wedding photographer just doesn’t ‘get you’. A little extra time spent at an Engagement Shoot can make all the difference, getting to know each other can allay any doubts and ensure that on the big day the only thing you have to worry about is the Groom turning up (oh and the hair, make-up, dresses, shoes, flowers, favours, cars, venues, gifts, cake, food, table centers, DJ’s and a hundred other things, but at least you got this one covered).

2: Get comfortable with the camera

– For most people the only time they get in front of a camera lens is either for their school photos, mobile phone shots done by some mates down the pub or at the latest concert or of course the ubiquitous ‘selfie’. This means that when the opportunity arises you are unlikely to feel comfortable having a big lens pointed at you; what do you do, where do you look, how do you stand, what am I wearing?! All these thoughts flash through your mind and inevitably change your expression just as the camera shutter fires. Having an Engagement Shoot will give you time to become comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, then on the wedding day you can enjoy the experience fully and not think twice about the camera being pointed at you.

3: Get some great photos

– Not only will an Engagement Shoot help to relieve any anxiety you may feel about the wedding day photos, you will also receive some great portrait images that you can print and hang on your walls at home or give as gifts to your parents. It’s great having some beautiful wedding photo canvases hanging around the house but they look even better when there is a variety of images to help put them in context. After all this special period is also a part of your life story together (unless of course you first met on your wedding day!)

4: It’s Great Value!

– Who doesn’t like value for money? We only include the Engagement Shoot in our top Wedding package, but it can be added to any wedding package for a small additional fee. And we do encourage you to add one if at all possible. Why? because we want to get to know YOU, and your fiancé of course. We don’t want you feeling anxious on the day, or worried that you’re not going to feel comfortable in front of the camera or wondering what exactly I (the photographer) will be doing or how I will go about it. For us an Engagement Shoot isn’t just about taking photos, its about you, your fiancé, your wedding plans and ultimately your happiness with us and our service. Isn’t that peace of mind going to be priceless?

5: It’s Fun!

– And finally we get to the good bit, yes it’s fun, lots and lots of fun. Of course you’re bound to feel a little nervous at the start but once we get going you’ll be soon be doing the whole ‘…next top model’ bit. We really get the chance to know each other as well as what works and what doesn’t, your style, likes, dislikes and so on. By the end of the session you will feel relaxed, happy and eager to see the finished photos as soon as possible.

Engagement Shoots are a fantastic way to celebrate your love for each other. Not only will they help you to become comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera as yourself, but also as a couple in love and the intimacy that comes with that. This will give you some beautiful images from a very special time in your lives for you to cherish throughout your life together.