Image of The Family: Lee, Catherine and our Son, Caile.


We are a creative, imaginative, Fine Art Wedding Photography & Portrait Photography Studio. What makes us different from the ‘crowd’, makes us stand out where others just ‘blend in? The answer is easy;

Passion, love, dedication, understanding and desire.


My wife, Catherine and I started our company together in 2008 shortly after our own wedding. I have a background in multimedia design for internet and print based media as well as photography & videography. I graduated with an Hons. Degree in Multimedia Design from De Montfort University.



I now have eight years'of experience as a wedding videographer and photographer. I must say that it has been the best decision my wife has ever made for me; truly. I enjoy every minute, from the initial consultation right through to the delivery of the album and the anticipation that each moment brings, both to me and the bride & groom.


My philosophy is simple; do what it takes to be amongst the best at what we do. By never thinking we know everything we are always open to learning something new, this along with my passion, love, dedication, understanding and desire should help get me some where close to that goal.


My vision is as simple as my philosophy; build our business to be one of the most respected and successful wedding photography companies in the UK. That means taking beautiful images, supplying some of the most stunning wedding albums available today and doing so with outstanding customer service for our couples.

'La Boda'

Why “La Boda”? What does it mean? Well, the literal meaning is simple, it’s Spanish for ‘The Wedding’ but to us it has a deeper meaning, like most things with a ‘Spanish’ flavour it conjures up images of bright colours, sensuality, emotion, love and of course passion.

Lee Gaughan Brown - Wedding Photographer - La Boda Photography of Leicester

Lee Gaughan Brown