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You’ve probably been doing a little research and reading a few Bride’s magazines before you started looking for your photography. Many of these sources’ articles will advise you to ask a few questions, you know the sort I mean – “10 Questions to ask your vendor before booking”. I’ve even written a couple myself! Well, to save a little time our FAQ is written to answer the main questions that these articles ask. Just because they are answered here though doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask us in person if you wish or maybe you would like a little bit more clarity on any point. In fact we welcome it, it means you get to chat with us about your wedding and we get to know each other better, and that makes for a better relationship.


1. How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been a photographer for a very long time, I began in my teens at college in the era of film and developing in the dark room. Specifically, I have been a wedding photographer since 2008.

2. Will you be doing just my wedding on the day?

Absolutely! You will have my undivided attention for the whole time I am attending your wedding, even if I am booked for the half day package, I will not accept a second booking for the same date.

3. Will it just be you?

Usually I will be the only photographer, except when you have specifically booked an additional photographer with us. On occasion I also have an assistant that helps with equipment and lighting.

4. What if you can’t make it?

In all my years as a photographer I have never missed an event, however that’s not to say it could never happen due to illness or other circumstance that is out of my control. Should that happen then one of our photographic colleagues would step in and help out. They would be fully qualified and experienced so you needn’t worry that your wedding would not be covered.

5. Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have full liability insurance with one of the country’s top insurers; Aaduki Insurance. However, our insurance doesn’t necessarily cover you or your guests, as its primary purpose is to ensure that should we suffer from some unforeseen circumstance our company and employees are looked after, both privately and publicly. We always recommend our couples seek advice on having their own wedding insurance.

6. Do I have to have an Engagement Shoot, what is it exactly?

I would like to say, ‘Yes’, however if you really really don’t want one or can’t find the time to fit one in then the no, they are not obligatory. However, if its included in your package then I urge you to take full advantage. It will go a long way to helping you get the most out of your wedding photos, and that starts with our couples feeling happy and comfortable in front of the camera.

For an explanation of an Engagement/Pre-Wedding Shoot and why its a good idea, have a read of this article; 5 Good Reasons For An Engagement Shoot,

7. What if the weather is bad or it’s snowing or raining?

Well, I’ve been asked to control many aspects during a wedding but the one thing I am unable to change is the weather. However, that does not mean your photos would be ‘ruined’. I have photographed plenty of events all year round that have suffered from the occasional downpour of rain, hail or snow. Rest assured that we would be well prepared and act accordingly, and you may even get some exceptional shots as the weather can provide many opportunities that are out of the ordinary.

8. When do we get the images?

We try to get your fully processed images back to you no longer than 28 days after the Wedding. During the week following the wedding your photos are sorted, culled and processed (all suitable images are processed for Brightness, Contrast,  Saturation and Skin Tone). They are then uploaded to your secure online gallery for you and your family to view and purchase orders for prints.

9. When do we get the album?

If you have purchased an album or one is included in your package then once all the images have been processed and uploaded to your Gallery, you select your favourites for the album. I create a layout and send you a proof for your approval usually within eight weeks of the wedding. Once you have approved the layout we send your wedding album design off to Italy to be crafted by the artisans at Graphi Studio or for the Designer Album, the USA. This can take up to eight weeks depending on the time of year. When it is completed it is delivered back to us ready to present to you and your new husband.

10. Do we get a disc of images?

No, we no longer use CD’s. Your full set of images are supplied on a Presentation USB Drive in both high resolution and low resolution. This is delivered along with your album if included or on its own if not. From this you can have any additional prints made (it also contains a copyright license) and also copy the images to a back-up drive, the Cloud or PC.

11. How far will you travel?

We travel to where-ever a Bride & Groom needs us. Being based in Leicestershire in the East Midlands we are ideally situated to travel the length and breadth of the country. Depending on the package you have selected there may be an additional fee for overnight accommodation if necessary and an evening meal.

12. What about cancellation?

This depends on when, why and by whom. Our contract details our cancellation policy in depth and is available via your online portal for you to read through fully prior to completing your booking with us.

13. Do you require a Booking Fee?

Yes. In order to confirm your wedding date in our diary we require a non-refundable booking fee of £350. This guarantees your booking with us for your selected date(s).

This fee is deducted from your total package cost upon requested payment of the final balance.

14. Are there any extra fees?

Usually all fees are detailed in the contract and are made up of the package fee and any travel expenses. Any additional fees would be for extra hours attended on the day (if necessary or requested) and possible album upgrades or copies, all of which are optional. These would be discussed with you prior to making a booking.

There are NO hidden fees and we DO NOT ‘up-sell’ after your wedding!

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