Graphistudio Wedding Albums

Why do La Boda Photography choose Graphi Studio?

Because Beautiful Images Deserve Stunning Albums…

The Graphi Studio Wedding Book:

The stunning Graphi Studio Digital Wedding Book Album. Graphi Studio of Italy produce some of the finest, hand crafted wedding albums in the industry. We carefully researched the available wedding album manufacturers and while there are a number who produce fine, quality products, very few do so with the attention to detail or craftsmanship of Graphi Studio. In addition to these great qualities the selection of designs and styles is truly amazing. This fantastic selection of covers, papers and print styles enables the newlyweds to create a wedding album that not only suites their own individual personalities but also becomes an artistic statement of their love for each other.

The Graphi Studio Digital Matted Album (DMA)

The exceptional Graphi Studio Digital Matted Album is a true piece of art in its own right, married with a selection of beautiful images from your wedding it is an heirloom that will be bring pleasure each time it is viewed and treasured for years to come. With a selection of covers, papers and print styles chosen by the newlyweds it becomes a unique, personal statement that will be loved and adored and simply cannot be matched by any other wedding album available today.

The Graphi Studio Image Box:

For those that would like something a little different, the equally beautiful Graphi Studio Image Box is a magnificent set of images selected from your wedding photos and created in a similar fashion to the DMA Album, producing a selection of artistic

images that can be viewed time & time again. Available in a choice of sizes and number of prints it can be an ideal accompaniment to or change from the traditional album.

Whichever type of album or image box use choose you will be presented with an heirloom that you and your family will love and cherish for years to come. Carefully packaged in your selected covering it will be a masterpiece of quality craftsmanship and stunning beauty.

The Graphi Studio Young Book:

Graphi Studio has broken the mold once again and introduced the Graphi Studio Young Book. An album that’s perfect for the young, stylish, contemporary, modern couple. With a superb selection of designs and presented in a matching case it is modern masterpiece.