Signature Collection Albums

The goal of Signature Collection Albums is to create something we are proud to offer our clients and something that will live on for generations to come. Equipped with an “old world” style spine featuring raised hubs, our couples will be presented with a superior product representative of traditional bookbinding masters. Crafting albums is a labor of love for the creators, and all of the albums are handmade in the USA.

 It’s more than a book, it’s a family heirloom. That’s why Signature Collection Albums are made with the highest quality leathers and binding materials in the industry.  Genuine leather covers, intricate 8-pleat rounded corners, crushed velvet liners, silk headbands and high-quality photographic prints mounted on extra-thick core pages—it’s the details that make our albums exceptional. When you stack a Signature Collection Album side-by-side with a competitor you will see and feel the difference. Not only in the leather, but in the page and photo quality as well as the durability of the book.

Please click one of the images below to view details of each Signature Collection Album.