Trash My Dress Shoot

Well I’ve been working hard on Hannah’s Trash My Dress Shoot, which involved a horse, a field, some mud and lots of fun. Born from the dreams of a young girl turned beautiful Bride, with her galloping off on her magnificent steed (who happens to be called Dillon). So here are a few of my favourite images.

Trash My Dress Shoot with Hannah & Dillon (The Horse)

Now, I do have to say that the dress didn’t get quite as trashed as I expected, but hey it was all about Hannah and her horse, which she loves dearly, so Jamie’s got to stay on the ball to contend with that, and he’s a feisty so and so, Dillon that is not Jamie!

Trash My Dress Shoot with Hannah & Dillon (The Horse)

I have to say that I’m very happy with the outcome, and the new Trych Panel software plug-in for Photoshop has made it easy for me to display them nicely on our Blog (and Facebook, Twitter etc).


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